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Are you interested in helping us continue providing free telehealth services to those most in need?

Donate today to:

Ukraine, Hospital in the Cloud

There is an option to make this a monthly contribution. Donate using a credit or debit card.

Just $10 covers the cost of a FREE consultation

In the face of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, your support can make a profound impact on the health and well-being of the affected population. By donating to establish and strengthen telehealth services in Ukraine, you are not only contributing to immediate healthcare needs but also providing a sustainable solution that transcends the challenges of war.


Ukraine is facing an unprecedented health crisis due to the ongoing conflict. Your support can make a real difference. Donate now to establish and strengthen telehealth services, providing immediate and remote healthcare access for those in need. Help us make healthcare resilient in the face of adversity. Every contribution matters. Act now and stand with Ukraine!

Thank you for considering a donation to the PII Foundation, to help us continue our efforts to provide free telehealth services to Ukraine, and support the doctors providing their time and skills while being refugees themselves.

Use the Donate button to make a one-off donation, or have the option to set up an monthly contribution.


Every donation makes a difference no matter how small.

Other ways you can support us

We are present on these platforms for contributions

And 82% of sales of digital tracks by 762 Flowers go towards our telehealth service for Ukraine

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We are proud to share how donations get distributed

To view how our donations are used, please visit our Financial Reports in the About Us page.

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