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Our Partners

The PII Foundation is totally dependent on public patronage backed by incredible partners who provide virtual care initiatives such as the Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service making the impossible possible.

Backed by Amazon Web Services with financial assistance from the partners below we are able to keep our programs going and growing... 

Amazon Web Services

As a proud AWS Partner, we have been blessed to be powered & protected by AWS for the past 5 years.

AWS has been outstanding partner to GPNow, as our VirtualCare for the most Vulnerable telehealth initiatives have expanded and evolved. Making it possible for us to grow our offerings to help more and more people in need, from our BushfireCare Telehealth services back in 2019, to our work with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and ParaQuad NSW to keep thousands of quadriplegic and paraplegic patients connected to their therapists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, “Closing the Gap” for remote aboriginal communities and assisting 15,000+ Malaysian citizens with Rapid Antigen testing services.

AWS are now providing program support in the form of AWS cash & credits and ProServ professional services to support our Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service.

The response from AWS EMEA has been inspirational, ensuring the platform is viable in the current hostile environment and capable to scale to support our aspirational goal of 5m+ Refugees with 500,000+ FREE telehealth sessions supported by 50,000 volunteer doctors & 5,000 translators safely and securely.

2560px-Amazon_Web_Services_Logo.svg (1).png

The Order of St John

The Order of John established the very first hospital and invented ambulances in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th century and was headquartered there until 1291. The Knights Hospitallers in Perth Western Australia kindly conducted a "Concert Under the Stars for Ukraine" in January 2023 which raised AUD $10,000 for our Ukraine | Hospital in the Cloud - very much in line with the original vision and mission of the Order of St John...


Ukraine The Latest

Dom Nicholas and team Telegraph have regularly featured our Ukraine  | Hospital in The Cloud on their daily podcast "Ukraine | The Latest which is broadcast to 5m subscribers around the world. Thanks to the incredible public support of the UTL audience throughout 2023 we have been able to keep the service going...


Credit Union Relief Fund for Ukraine

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and promoting sustainable development in Ukraine. Founded by Steven Bugg - CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union and Tim Williams - CEO of Sno Falls Credit Union and supported by Chris Doner & Yevhenii Vasilchenko of Access Softek.

We are one of three initiatives selected to be featured on their site and thanks to the generous CURFU credit union customers in the United States we have been able to help more than 700 Ukrainian families (400~ children) in 2023...


Dnipro Oshawa Fund

Dnipro Oshawa Fund (DOH) is a Canadian based charity focused on helping Ukraine’s “Children of War”.

We are blessed to be  supported by the DOH team as one of four significant projects to help children & raise funds to support our Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service.

Please visit: to learn more about the incredible work DOH are delivering.

Dnipro Oshawa Fund LOGO.png
DOH Memorial Park photo.png

Objective Ukraine

Objective Ukraine (UA) is a Ukraine based British security risk management, training provider and business support consultancy that helps organizations achieve their goals in Ukraine.

We are delighted to be working with Simon Woodiwiss and the Objective UA team to help raise funds to support our Ukrainian CrisisCare Telehealth Service.

Please visit: to learn more about the vital work Objective Ukraine are delivering

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